Thursday, December 31, 2015

Introducing Floater_fb

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Have you ever felt that Facebook is draining away a lot of time of your life and when you are browsing Facebook, or chatting with a friend, there is practically nothing else you can do at that time. When you are chatting, you have to sit idle until the other person writes you back. This is a terrific waste of time, and this time could have been spent for something much more interesting. To solve this problem, I developed the ultimate Facebook app for PC, where you can do all other types of works and Facebook at the same time. And you will never be distracted by Facebook, making you more productive in your PC than ever.

Floater_fb won NSysS Software project award - 2016

Working with Floater_fb

The Floating Button:

Floater comes with a beautiful transparent floating button that stays on top of all other windows on your desktop and is always ready to run Facebook. The image in the floating button is predefined, but you can get a version of Floater_fb with a customized image of your choice with a donation over Tk. 200.

  • Double click the floating icon and log in to Facebook.
  • Single click the floating button to open the notification panel.
  • Double click the floating button to open a new standard size window and browse Facebook.

The notification panel:

The notification panel enables you to see your Facebook notification, messages and friend requests just by a click on the floating button. It comes handy when you are working on your PC, and just want to peek into FB to check a new message. Hover the mouse over the floating button or the notification panel to get the latest notification. The notification panel comes with 6 built in buttons. 
  •   <About Floater>  : Click to see, who made this awesome stuff.
  •   <Friend Reqests>: Shows the most up to date friend requests, and click to open the friend request page in standard window.
  •   <Messages>           : See your latest incoming message in this button and clicks open a new chat window. You can click on any of the friends and start chatting with them. Just hovering the mouse over this button refreshes all the open chat windows.
  •   <Notifications>    : Click to open the notifications.
  •   <Facebook Web>: Open the full web version of Facebook in a larger window, so that you can get the feeling of using the full Facebook website and still use the cool features of Floater!
  •   <All Open Tabs> : All open and minimized tabs are listed here. Click any of the list to reopen or maximize them.
The Floater Window: 
The floater windows are non-resizable windows, but are available in 3 pre-defined sizes, 
  1. Chat-window: Zoomed out to 80%, auto refresh on hover and all open auto refresh on hover over the <Messages> button.
  2. Standard-window: Zoomed out to 90%, no auto refresh
  3. Web-window: Zoomed out to 75%, no auto refresh.
The non-resizability gives you the correct viewing ratio for windows designed for particular purposes. All windows have 5 buttons on title bar
  • 'x' <Close>: Closes the window
  • '-' <Minimize>: Minimizes the window to the floating button. Can be retrieved from the <Open All Tabs> button in notification panel.
  • 'R' <Refresh>: Reloads the window and refreshes.
  • 'T'<Set On Top>: Pin the window over all other windows, and the window always on top of others.
  • 'O' <Transparent>: Makes the window semi-transparent, and only fully visible when the mouse pointer is pointed to it.


Meet the human behind Floater_fb:

The Floater_fb is developed by Md Mahmudul Hasan (Masum), an undergraduate student of Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). Masum thinks himself more of an artist than a programmer. And programming is one of many forms of arts he enjoys.

While programming in his computer, Masum felt that whenever he didn't know something, he had to open the Google Chrome web-browser from taskbar to search for that particular topic. He thought that it would be much more convenient if the browser were always ready and if he could search from the same place where he is working. He then drafted out a browser with small, transparent, on top window which later becomes the Floater full Web-browser. In his term project in the Object Oriented Programming lab, he plans to make this concept a reality and pitches the idea to his Tareq Mahmood and Tanjim Rium, who later becomes his project partners. In the final project, Masum makes an exact replica of the mini browser interface he envisioned, Tareq develops a full web-browser capable of keeping history, and Tanjim makes a download manager for the web-browser. When the project finishes, the idea for the floating mini browser becomes a hit. Masum names it the "Floater Web-browser". Spectators of the project responded like, "How can I get one of this?" rather than "It's a nice project, congrats." The project supervisor Ishtiyaque Ahmed inspired them to promote this idea. 

Masum decides to develop this browser further, but to understand the acceptability of a new kind of browser, he works for 6 day at a stretch and modifies only his part of the idea and code of the term project to make the "Floater_fb", a browser designed only for using Facebook. If the Facebook app becomes successful, Masum expects to build a Floater_YouTube along with the release of the full web-browser.

FeedBack and Bug report:

You can send your feedback and bug reports of floater to:

Make it yours, Get a custom Floater_fb icon:

To help us develop this software, and help us make more cool stuff like this, please donate. You can send your donation to 
  • bKash:   +8801684080299
  • DBBL Mobile Banking:   +88016840802995
  • DBBL Bank Account:   179.151.55291
  • Sonali Bank Account:   0440434298801
Your donation is valuable for further development of Floater_fb and other Floater softwares. And for this, as a thank you gift to you, we would send you a Floater_fb with an image of your choice as a thank you gift to you. You can have the floating button with a picture of your friends, family, children or loved ones. You can also give floater as a gift to someone with their favorite picture. What can be a better surprise to your friends than their picture on a cool Facebooking app!

Get a floating button for your own website:

You can order a Floater_fb like floating button, animating window and many other features for any website you want. To order, contact Masum. The contact information is given below.

Contact Me:

Email: youngladesh (at)
FB: mahmudul.hasanmasum.14
Department of CSE, BUET
Titumir Hall
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh